Monday, 13 February 2012

Just Who is Tweeting? Hint: Apple TV

(This replaces a deleted post.  How many documents are deleted by errant fingers on iPad screens?)

In an earlier post we noted that among the supporters of the main political parties Conservatives were far less likely to use Twitter than NDPers or Liberals. Just who then is tweeting in the general population?

The chart shows that some 7.3% of Anglophone Canadians use Twitter.  However, results vary dramatically among subgroups in the population.  Older adults are far less likely to tweet (2.7%) than younger adults (14.1%).  Men and women are about equal users of Twitter but Facebook users are twice as likely to tweet as Netflix subscribers, the latter perhaps being more passive media users.  CBC TV and Radio supporters, i.e., people who think CBC is very important to Canadian culture, are similar to the general population. Heavy tweeters are owners of smartphones (17.5%), iPod owners (18.2%) and iPad owners (28.4%).  The heaviest users of Twitter are owners of Apple TV (37.2%), although only a small number of Canadians (~1%) have Apple TV. 

Satisfied Viewers of Apple TV Podcast

The second generation of Apple TV was launched in September 2010.  It is about the size of a package of cigarettes and provides on demand access to the latest Hollywood movies and TV programs and offers a vast library of movies and TV shows.  One can also access NHL Center Ice, NBA Basketball, Major League Baseball and other events.  Apple TV also allows one to wirelessly “throw” music or video from an iPhone, iPod or iPad to your TV and surround sound system. The small device is as easy to hook up to your TV as opening a pack of smokes and has one hidden advantage over cable and DTH pay-per-view and on demand services: there is no HST on any content you order.  James Moore, take note: these taxes could fund the CBC twice over.

Results are from CMRI's Media Trends Survey conducted November-December 2011 among a representative national sample of approximately 900 Anglophone respondents aged 18-plus.  Margin of error +/-3.3%.  The Media Trends Survey has been conducted for ten consecutive years and has surveyed over 15,000 Canadians in total.

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