Monday, 30 January 2012

Should CBC Renew Don Cherry's Contract?

In recent years Don Cherry has been one of the most controversial figures in Canadian media.  In this year's Media Trends Survey we asked Canadians whether they thought the CBC should renew Mr. Cherry's contract.  Despite all the negative media attention, the majority of English-speaking Canadians (54%) think his contract should be renewed.  There isn't much difference between men or women nor younger versus older persons but those who support the CBC and professional sports generally express substantially stronger support for Mr. Cherry.  Support for contract renewal increases to over 60% among those who are 'very satisfied' with CBC TV and almost 70% among those 'very interested' in professional sports on TV and over 70% among those Canadians who think professional sports is 'very important' to them personally.  Only a small minority in any sub-group 'stongly disagrees' that the CBC should renew Mr. Cherry.

Results are from CMRI's Media Trends Survey conducted November-December 2011 among a representative national sample of approximately 900 Anglophone respondents aged 18-plus.  Margin of error +/-3.3%.  The Media Trends Survey has been conducted for ten consecutive years and has surveyed over 15,000 Canadians in total.

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