Saturday 18 March 2023

Tweets Dealing with CBC Funding, Audience and Strategy

3. Is CBC spending over $500 million annually on digital services, i.e., substantially more than on its radio services? The data from CBC’s annual report and CRTC financial data leads to this conclusion:

4. CBC radio had a budget of $225 million ($298 million in today’s dollars) in 2009 and by 2022 this had shrunk to $186 million, a reduction of over $100 million and it is having effects on air:

5. CBC management have said traditional TV is dying but industry research, financially supported by CBC incidentally, contradicts this:

6. CBC has committed a lot of energy and presumably money to CBC Gem and its French equivalent but the revenue generated by these streaming services is very small:

7. CBC English TV is the wounded warrior and its efforts to generate commercial revenue have failed. Does this signal that English TV should reduce or eliminate commercials? Advertisers have already defunded English TV and it is slowly being de-audienced:

8. CBC/RC news channels seem to have been spending the same or less the past few years on news according to CRTC data. 

This link takes you to CRTC’s web site where you can find financial data for CBC, CTV, Global, SRC, etc.:

9. CBC has always been long on promises to make revenue from its digital and other new media ventures:

10. CBC contorts research data to make arguments for senior management. Here’s an example of surreptitiously presenting data that relates to all internet use, e-Mail, banking, searches, e-commerce, to argue that they should put resources into digital services: